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What is Team Genius Squad?

Team Genius Squad is a movement and an aspiring brand created by 11-year-old Ava the S.T.E.M. Princess®. Our mission is to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) awareness, encourage individuals to believe in themselves, to identify their uniqueness, and pursue their goals. To achieve this, we design S.T.E.M. inspired products (e.g. Experiment Lab Kits, Jewelry, Lip Gloss, Puzzles, Apparel); and develop fun educational videos for all ages.  Our vision is to create global awareness regarding the importance of believing in oneself even when challenges arise, and how S.T.E.M. concepts can play a significant role in math and reading literacy, personal skills exploration, and uncovering unique talents.  We envision individuals actively engaging in identifying their inner genius and making their unique imprint on the world.

Meet Ava the S.T.E.M. Princess®

The creator of Team Genius Squad, 11-year-old Ava Simmons, also known as Ava The S.T.E.M. Princess®, CEO, GeniusEO, experienced academic challenges for several years due to dyslexia and dysgraphia. These challenges negatively impacted Ava in her day-to-day life when interacting with educational instructors and peers. Specifically, being singled-out as a poor performer, teased for not understanding classroom material, and excluded from friendships and social groups because she did not fit the mold. Not knowing what her inner Genius was and the learning style that worked best for her caused Ava to experience bouts of discouragement and low self-esteem. These unfortunate events and her love for acting and hands-on activities were the catalysts that encouraged Ava to learn and entertain herself and others differently.

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Awesome Announcement!

Team Genius Squad’s Alternative Energy S.T.E.M. Kits series will be available for purchase in Whole Foods Market stores across the US starting 30th June 2024! Suscribe with your email below to receive the launch notification.