Peer-To-Peer Interactive S.T.E.M. Experience    

Conduct interactive S.T.E.M. experiments with Ava The S.T.E.M. Princess®. Ava will conduct an experiment with participants step-by-step and explain the experiment outcomes.  Participants will receive a disposable lab coat, safety glasses, nitrile latex-free gloves, a Certified Genius Badge, and a sheet of positivity stickers.  From this experience, children will engage in fun while learning, gain an increased understanding of basic S.T.E.M. principles as they apply to their day-to-day activities, be encouraged to identify their talents, and use those talents to make their positive impact on the world.  All S.T.E.M. experiments use household items (e.g. vinegar, baking soda, food coloring).  This service offering can occur virtually or in-person.


Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop 

Review and discuss the development of a youth-led business with Ava The S.T.E.M. Princess® Ava will share how to develop a new product or service and the 5 key areas for making a business plan. From this experience children will engage in the fun while learning, gain an increased understanding of basic principles of youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy, and be encouraged to think outside of the box about products or services that may help others, and how they can market those products/services to make their positive impact on the world.  Ava will share products she has developed and can also make a product with the participants (e.g. hand sanitizer, lip gloss, bracelets, slime). This service offering can occur virtually or in-person.


Children's Book Author and Self-Publishing Workshop

Review and discuss the book author and self-publishing process with Ava N. Simmons's self-published book. During this experience, Ava will share her personal story of how she achieved turning her story into an illustrated picture book publication and share her actual original art and writings.  Participants will receive a Certified Genius Badge, a positivity sticker sheet, and Ava’s self-published workbook, entitled, “The Science of Being a Children's Book Author Book Creation Workbook”, to begin authoring their very own book.  The workbook includes the key 5 steps to becoming a self-published author, an actual book creation template, a 30-day book self-publishing plan, coloring pages, and helpful resources.  From this experience, children will gain knowledge of the book self-publishing process, how to become an author, be encouraged to identify their talents and how they can share those through writing and make a positive impact on the world. This service offering can occur virtually or in-person.


S.T.E.M. Products and Accessories, Team Genius Squad Store

Ava The S.T.E.M. Princess has designed many S.T.E.M.-inspired products that support all levels of development and are available for purchase.  Team Genius Squad's online store provides access to these products.  Specifically, lab coats, S.T.E.M. Experiment Kits, S.T.E.M. books, S.T.E.M. puzzles, and much more.  Check out our shop and we are sure you will find a great product that interests you.


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